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Solveig Whittle

This is a very creative idea for tying a cause (spotlighting everyday heroes) to music. I really like the 21st century minstrel nature of both of Josh's "quests." One thing I am not totally clear on from the story: are the heroes to be highlighted by the tour the people Josh is visiting in hospitals? Or is it just the #JURT social media hashtag outreach to followers asking them to spotlight heroes themselves?

Josh Urban

Clyde! GREAT ARTICLE! Thanks again! I couldn't be more delighted!

Hey Solveig!

Great question! In answer: I'm a.) out to find good of all sorts - people, sights, and sounds, and b.) will be bringing music to places that there's not usually much of it (hospitals, street corners, subway systems, VA homes, etc.) So, Good can be anywhere.

I think we find what we're looking for, and I'm excited to provide a framework and a practice, both for my fellow citizens and myself, to concentrate on finding the Good in the world.

Looking forward to touring with everyone!

Josh Urban

Ahh, I thought this posted already...well, take 2!

Clyde, GREAT ARTICLE! Thanks again! I'm super excited about this!

Solveig, great question! Well, the idea is to a.) find Good, where ever it may exist, be it people, sights, or sounds, and b.) play music where it's not common: Hospitals, VA homes, cancer centers, street corners, subways, etc. So, I guess you could say "both."

I really think that we find what we look for. I'm excited to give not only my fellow citizens a framework and a practice, but myself one as well. It's easy to say "think positive" on a good day, but if everyone is working on this for ten straight days, well, I hope that if nothing else, I get in the habit of finding the best and brightest in my wanderings.

I hope that answers your question! If not, lemme know, and I'll have another go at it. :)

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