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Nelson Wells

I must say, well done. Over our 15+ years as Team Clermont I've seen many an outline, but this is succinct and detailed but not overdone. (For the full details of releasing, see a book like Sarah Davis' "Guerilla Guide to the Music Business").

Obviously, people like David Laurie, Gillian, and Prudence are some of the best in the industry so you've got solid info.

Things do vary slightly in the US as far as releases go, the timeline here is the key and something we beg our "younger" clients to set up and adhere to.
Oh, one thing I noticed that may be missing: distribution (How do I actually sell my single, CD or track?)

In the US there are distributors who sometimes take on DIY'ers like Tunecore, IODA, and The Orchard, but it's getting tougher for them to take on anything smaller than the small label with a few releases each year, Tunecore aside. What the other two have done is allowed other companies, Team Clermont for instance, to become distributors while the back end and fulfillment are handled by the systems those two have set up.
So, at the risk of sounding like a plug, an "indie music PR Firm" like Team Clermont actually operates as a Radio promotion "plugger", a PR & Marketing company, AND a worldwide distributor of both digital and tactile releases.

I mention this because 1. not many people know that there are one-stop-shop options like this, and 2. because it offers just that: one place where a truly independent artist or label can come to http://teamclermont.com (shameless plug),
and choose the services they want.
This helps streamline some of those processes, giving the artist more time and concentration on everything else on their terrific new timeline.

Thanks. Nelson Wells

Caroline Bottomley

Oh thanks very much for the 'well done', and for the US insights. We're currently constructing a US version of this rough guide and it'll be interesting to see what is different along the timeline and when.
The phenomenon of one-stop-shops is very interesting, good to hear about.
Caroline, Radar

Caroline Bottomley

In fact Nelson, let's hook up - our label/artist services are complimentary - caroline @ radarmusicvideos dot com

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