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Bruce Houghton

Just cam across this one which deserves and honorable mention:

The Pirate Bay Moves Servers to The United States, F*ck Yeah…

Bruce Houghton

Another honorable mention for today:

RT @sfmusictech: Very excited to announce that the next SF MusicTech Summit will take place a week from tomorrow. ;-)

Mitch Rice

@ThatEricAlper had a slew of them all morning on Twitter:

Breaking News: Paul and Ringo from The Beatles join Pete and Roger from The Who to form The Whotles!

Pink Floyd reunites, announces tour with Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine. Steve Winwood to replace Richard Wright.

Lou Reed to perform 1st concert from Moon in August. "I plan on having a one-way ticket there, because I hate all of you."

Divinyls, Flock of Seagulls, Deee-Lite, Toni Basil & Nena to record charity single for themselves, "Think About Us."

The Smiths reform for Glastonbury, 2013! Morrissey: "We've teased you long enough, you suffering, inconsolable, pessimist children."

Liam Gallagher Google Translate App launches in May: Speak into it, & it'll spew into Manchester accent with generous swearing.

"Glee" cast to perform chorus from every song ever written in 6748-hour episode airing next month.

and on and on....


The YouTube April fools prank got me good!


God I'm so stupid. That or/and I was blinded for my hate for Lefsetz! I was just about to type why anyone listens to this idiot, then I read the article like the gullible bumbledhead sucker that I am and started believing what Lefsetz wrote and felt glad I read the article. In other words my hate turned to intrigue then embarrassment; being an aspiring professional artist I had to broadcast these emotions! *sighs*


I enjoyed this one:


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