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Twitter Pulls Flattr, Microdonations Service Adds YouTube

image from blogs.ft.comMusicians and other creators can no longer receive microdonations via Twitter using Flattr. "We are sad to announce that from today (16th of April 2013) at noon CET we are
removing the possibility to flattr (send microdonations) to creators on Twitter
by favoriting their tweets. As per instructions from Twitter," the company wrote in an email to users overnight.

think we created a beautiful way to support creators by checking what you
favorited on Twitter and let you send a flattr to the writer of a tweet," the email continued. "Twitter did not."

An an attempt to try to comply with the micro-blogging service's terms of service, Flattr offered to forgo taking any payment for offering the service to creators, but that did not satisfy Twitter.

Flattr has just launched on YouTube: registered users just like videos on Youtube to Flattr them with a donation.

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