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Vue: EA's New Social Network Lets Users Combine Music From Rdio & Spotify With Personal Pics

Vue-logoEA Games launched a new mobile app and social network yesterday catching tech bloggers and journalists by surprise. The iOS app allows users to combine their photos and related media with music from Rdio, Spotify or personal collections to create multimedia shows. It's currently available only in Canada and Australia but, though I can't access the actual app here in the States, it sounds like a great idea.

This move from EA Games left tech bloggers slack-jawed though the below video was posted March 18th on an EA YouTube channel. Talk about the cream of the crop in tech media dropping the ball! Following YouTube channels is Industry Blogging 101 for media outlets specializing in breaking news.

Plus, they've had a Facebook page since late February.

Introducing Vue: Where Life Meets Music From EA

Be that as it may, Vue sounds like a great idea. Here's the text from the site:

Vue is a free mobile app that brings your photos to life with your favorite music.

Just a few taps are needed to create and share your vue! Stream millions of songs alongside your social media in one dynamic show. Play with other people’s vues and photos, in real-time, while you listen!

Your Memories

Leave your photos on your favorite social media services like Facebook. Changes you make there instantly show up in your vues!

Your Soundtrack

Every memory has that PERFECT song. To find yours, choose from MILLIONS available via popular music services such as Spotify, Rdio, as well as your own music library!

Your Living Shows

Share your life & social media in an ever-changing show! Feature your friends, add text, pin Google maps, throw in effects!

And that's all we know. Even GamesBeats' "exclusive" only take notes from the site, doesn't bother to embed the above video and doesn't seem aware of the Facebook page linked from the site:

Huh? EA builds an app for sharing music and photos (exclusive)

I'm not sure how this is an exclusive given that all he's got is text from the site. If you know how these tech bloggers operate, you'll recognize that it's an incredible fail on their part.

That said, though it may not seem to fit EA Games' portfolio, it's a great idea for an app and a potentially powerful foundation for a social network featuring professionally created music and user generated photos. Sounds like a great way to feature one's music and fan pics in a community setting.

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