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Marcus Taylor

Great stuff, Bill. I'm absolutely subscribed to the idea that meta and structured data will become increasingly important for 'findability', but I haven't thought about it much in the context of artists developing and monetising their fan base.

In my mind, the real lesson here is for artists to create more great content - be it news, photos, videos, or anything else that will serve as 'hooks' to bring in and engage fans. Comprehensive tagging on poor content (or content that no one is searching for) won't help, but comprehensive tagging on great content will definitely help, because there needs to be an existing audience *already searching* for the things you're tagging. That's certainly the case with any platform using metadata as a 'find and retrieve' tool... social metadata is slightly different I guess, as correct implementation of open graph / G+ / Twitter Card meta data arguably increases the likelihood of people *not searching* for that content to see it...

Wish I could come along to Music Biz 2013 and get stuck in to this session. Sounds like it'll be a pretty awesome!

Edwin Applewhite

it make sense,App
lewhite Production''


Metadata are considered opaque and unsexy, but sex and money have always been a motivator for musicians (OK aside from art, creation and influence), why not again? ; )


Just one look at the streaming services (looking at you Spotify) and you can tell labels (owners of the content) don't give a damn about proper tagging. Titles, both for tracks and albums are an absolute mess. It wouldn't surprise me if years down the line it is an excuse for not paying somebody what is due because "Track" is not the same as "Track (bonus track) [2013 digital remaster]".

Probably some poor overworked intern is in charge.

Abbie Betinis

If you care about adding composer and songwriter names to Spotify metadata, please help: Click my username here and "Add Kudos" to this petition. (Upper left corner, thumbs up!)

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