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Music Marketing Maven

Ok, this is so bizarre. I was just telling my staff yesterday about how Geffen records wouldn't support Little Caesar and Junkyard for reasons I need not go into (you know what they are)- but that which resulted in Nirvana's radio success and ultimate large dollar purchase of Geffen records.

My hunches were confirmed when I saw and spoke to Junkyard's lead singer at a club in hollywood (think it was the Arena)back in the day.

Coincidence? considering this was so many years ago and it came up just yesterday.

Congratulations to Little Caesar for taking control of their own destiny!


As I frequently tweet - Just because you're DIY doesn't mean you have to do it ALONE!

Dippy C

Hmmm....please define "propping up" a band.

Does this mean they have a bunch of rich fans who gave them the tour support?


Those aren't my words, they are Ron's, but... no they are not rich fans who give them tour support. It is a team of people who believe in the band and helping them with their business and career.

Dippy C

Yyyyyyeah. Ron needs to be a little more specific as to what this 'team of people' is actually LITERALLY doing.


Do it YourSELVES.


DIY artist for years. Problem is: a team costs money. If you want a review in Pitchfork, you will need to pay somebody to get it there. Your best friend can try, but chances are slim. So all you broke artists save your pennies lest ye sign to a label.


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