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1 Month After Launch, Twitter #Music App Is Officially A Flop

image from www.billboard.comJust a month after launch, Twitter's entry into the music space appears to have fallen flat.  As if today, the app languishes as the 113th most popular free iOS music app.  To provide perspective as to how poorly that means #Music is doing, several years after launch Spotify and Pandora remain #1 and #2; and something called Sing! Karaoke is the 9th most popular free music apps.

Perhaps even worse, none of the tastemakers and musicians that I follow appear to be using the #Music app.  And if they are, they are not tweeting about it.

Even if #Music was a disappointment, it was a cheap one - a one-inch punch that Twitter could toss into the world and let succeed or fail on its own terms," writes Russell Brandom in The Verge. "It's the kind of thing image from www.hypebot.comgiants like Google and Facebook do all the time, but Twitter has only recently come around to."

Perhaps. But it would be sad to see the interesting music discovery tech developed by We Are Hunted and bought by Twitter to power #Music, go to waste.