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The Metalluminati

How can they sue you for #3 if you're not selling your works? What damages could they have a claim?


"Hence, if **you're** goal is to record and distribute a cover song"

It should be "your."

Otherwise, it's a great article!


From the article: " the law is that only the copyright owner has the right to reproduce, distribute, and make derivatives of their music." So, they could sue for violation of their rights as outlined in #3 above.

"I'm not selling it; I'm just giving it away for free" is not a defense.
And just because not all artists/publishers/labels fight such unauthorized uses of their music, it's still illegal.

Kitchen Synch

It's pretty easy to find mechanical rights owners through Harry Fox Agency but how does one find the synch rights owners? Other than putting something out and suddenly getting C&D'd by them?


If I'm giving away the hook of your song then I'm probably also reducing the number of sales you will make on your song. Now I owe you money in court, even though I never made a dime on your song.

Or far worse, if I put a sample of the chorus of your song "I love to love you baby" into my pro-pedophilia anthem "babyfucker"... even though I give the song away for free to all my "nambla" buddies then put it on youtube for free and never made a dime, this law says you can still take me to court and sue me for the damage I've done to your song's ability to generate the revenue it might have made you if I hadn't besmirched it.

Because seriously, if someone did something like that with a sample of your song, would you be satisfied with a simple "Cease and Desist" order once the damage has been done?

German Disco Queen

If you don't get around to registering your work until, say, a year after you've released it, do you lose your copyright? How important is timely registration?


So how about those thousands of covers on YouTube? Are those illegal?

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