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Steve Birkett

All very true, but a bit rough making Liam Gallagher the poster boy for your ire, no?


Sooo thats what normal people would call sampling? Which is something many musicians have made money from for a long time... How is that different?
A fan that makes music IS a musician.

Its a brilliant concept by Amazon, but really cant see its much different that what have taken place in music for many many years...


So I do 100% of the work but only reap 35% of the profits AND I give up all my rights in perpetuity?

Those corporate predators will never see a cent from my fanfics.


Actually Jennifer, you're not doing 100% of the work if you're using someone else's ideas. Unless my understanding of percentages has changed.


It's a bad deal, as the original rights owner then owns all your rights and ideas. Thus a new character you come up with could end up in a show/film and you would get NOTHING in compensation. Fan fiction is better as an unpaid fan for fun thing.

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