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I like the idea of this but I feel that Pinterest is just doing so much cool things for the internet musician , and it just visually makes sense. Google seems to love these kind of content hubs were everything is neath and tidy like what Pinterest is doing.

Organizing all of your musical content in to content hubs like Pinterest can keep great engagement and the stream of social share more a flow than other tradition forms internet media , Just my 2cents


Do you work for Pinterest? I have never seen an artist do well with the platform as the site consists of women pinning recipes, wedding dresses and arts & crafts.

Mike Licht

In fact the new Flickr display is a dynamic grid much like Pinterest. This is not really a good think for people who carefully create individual images since the format lumps images together indiscriminately. Visually, it's not music it's noise. Too busy.


I heard Yapmouth.com was better for Musicians?

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