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Echo Nest Continues Global Expansion With Three New Partners

image from www.hypebot.comWhen the Echo Nest added $17.3 million in funding last year, they promised aggressive international expansion. This week the music intelligence provider announced three new European partnerships: WiMP, Viamo and Xite.

  • Norway’s streaming music service, WiMP: The Echo Nest Playlist API will allow WiMP users to turn any artist, album, or track on the service into a streaming radio station. The Echo Nest is also powering their new discovery radio that creates streaming radio based on each user’s favorite tracks and artists, mixing in new relevant music. More here.
  • Norweigian Viamo builds apps that let users check in to radio and TV programs to receive more info. about what they're watching or listening to.  The Echo Nest platform is being used to provide detailed info. including bios and a real-time news feeds for each artist.
  • Xite, based in The Netherlands is an interactive music TV channel. The Echo Nest is being utilized to create dynamic playlists using the company's Taste Profile technology to better understand users.