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Suzanne Lainson

There are at least two possible elements in music blogs:

1. The music itself.
2. The story behind the music and/or its creator.

Each might appeal to a different blogger and audience.

Some bloggers might want to highlight great music, and yet potentially say very little about it. They put together playlists rather than write articles.

Some bloggers might enjoy writing, and therefore will embrace whatever gives them more to write about: a good story, comparative music criticism, cultural implications, and so on.

And then you have others who cover live shows, which may fall in between the two above categories. They focus on the show, uploading their impressions, photos, and/or live recordings.

Roger T

Q: How many folk will skim-read this article in the same manner they no doubt "read" music blogs...says I, invisible blogger...


Good one!


I was recently asking if a blog would benefit Indy artist or not. Thanks for the post.


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yuvraj kumar

thank you for this great post....!!!


Great read. Although music blogging is a crowed platform right now, the value of them is still there. So many artists get signed or get more notice because of these blogs, it's crazy how the music industry is these days.

Joseph Tang

Nice list of blogs..I love this blog!

Bob Trotta

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