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Wonderful article.


I am new to the blogger sphere but feel that the days of record labels controlling and handling the careers of future artists may be coming to a close! For those of us that truly understand the way the industry works lets just say a lot of us saw it in the works! I've read information on quite a few sites over the past year that have given a strong independent blueprint for artists and young label owners alike! It's time for a change of the guards when it comes to the industry! I suggest artist do extensive research on the industry's mechanics! It's not as difficult as you may think to strike gold!!!!


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Far beyond this article is very entertaining!

Ed Kleinman

Good stuff and great info

I'd like to share some history regarding the music world. I worked as a roadie, tour manager and my own management company from 1966-84. The music world was changing as was the world. Here is a link to my web site regarding my book called "Joint Venture...A backstage rock and roll journey" Hope you and you readers take a look and maybe take the journey.


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