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Black-dog-introAn assortment of recent music videos were promoted or described as having racy material but, despite a selection that includes the old guard, David Bowie, the young contender, Jack Conte, and a crowdsourced world of cursors, an air of disappointment reigns. Certainly no attempts here to shock anyone that doesn't have their shock button set on automatic.

David Bowie - The Next Day

David Bowie's "Explicit" video that requires a YouTube sign-in to verify age has some blood but is far from the "Adult-Only" fest promised by The Hollywood Reporter.

By director Floria Sigismondi and Black Dog Films, the music video for "The Next Day" is as disappointing as the song, feelling a bit lifeless by the end.

Jack Conte - Pedals

Jack Conte shows us why he needs that support from Patreon to meet his video budget. A lot of work went into the video for "Pedals!"

So much work that he released a beind-the-scenes video as well:

Pedals Behind the Scenes

Gizmodo's Mario Aguilar has trouble deciding which video is "crazier: the music video or the behind-the-scenes describing how the music video was made":

"According to the behind-the scenes film, Conte worked on the set for the video for his new song 'Pedals' 16 hours a day for 50 days."

Kilo - "Light Light"

"Do Not Touch" is described as including "imagery...[that] may be considered NSFW."

I must have missed that part but tech bloggers seemed excited about this "browser-based experience that tracks your cursor movements and later integrates them into the video itself for future playback" for Kilo's song "Light Light."

[Thumbnail: Black Dog Films logo.]

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