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Floyd Kelly

I foresee a marriage up ahead.

Musicians and music producers as we are accustom to in their product and presence needs to change.

The bar has been raised.

Aside from licensing material for the new generation of apps and video games; those involved in the creation of music may have to "up their game". Soon, will come the day when the ability to create music (musician or producer) will need to develop into an entirely new person.

Music producers utilizing DAWs and the gurus of mastering will need to dive into and LEARN and USE 3D development software. The two are linked by software that now allows (with ease, mind you) the connection of midi note events that drive parameters in 3D space (animation).

The musicians will need to "up their game" by continuing to perform and create but also connect with these 3D animation gurus to enhance their music LIVE (think "motion-capture" + midi event driven video/stage displays).

Those individuals (and they art out there) who have BOTH the ability to create music from mere thought as well as images and video from mere thought will be the ones at the top - their presence will be automatically marketable in apps and games of any genre.

Those who create music today need to re-educate themselves or enhance their portfolio with applicable knowledge and use of 3D software either solely or with partnership with other creative individuals.

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