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image from mybandmarket.com(UPDATED) Now that a myriad of services deliver 10-15 million songs to our pockets, simple and personalized music discovery has become the music tech's holy grail. To add to their discovery efforts, Spotify has acquired Tunigo, a music discovery app that scours Spotify's library and playlists; adding news, new releases, and an advanced music player. 

Tunigo has reportedly raised $3 million, but details of Spotify's acquisition were not announced.

The Tunigo Spotify and iPhone apps, which include a number of Songza-like features, will continue to be available, according to Peter Kafka of AllThingsD, who also reports that the acquisition is, in part, about working with the Tunigo development team.

image from blog.recordunion.com
From Twitter #Music to Songza to Beats yet to launch Daisy, music discovery is shaping up to be digital music's new battleground.  How each startup solves the puzzle could mean success or failure.

Tunigo Demo:

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