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34% Of Spotify, Pandora Users Will Switch To iRadio [SURVEY]

image from rack.1.mshcdn.comWe'll know more about Apple's iRadio after the likely announcement on Monday. (We'll provide live updates.) But a according to an advance survey by GroupM's Next's Consumer Insights group, consumers are ready to switch to iRadio. The survey of 1,000 Internet radio users showed 49% interested in Apple's radio service based just on the brand name.  34% said they would switch just based on the Apple brand.  But some streaming services would lose more listenrs than others.

chart via Busineess Insider

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  1. eh, maybe. saying it and taking the initiative to actually switch are two different things. besides, we don’t know if iRadio is going to be any good. if it’s no better than spotify or pandora then the incentive for going to the trouble of switching over goes way down.

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