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I the this highlights how this model isn't sustainable. If artists music is so devalued they will take their music elsewhere.... If they can find better income sources that is! Some new income examples include www.melodypods.com and www.royaltyfreemusic.com


Thanks David for sharing these data. Maybe Hypebot can post a bigger version of the screenshot so we get the bigger picture.



Ron Fuller

Tell me? Can we pull our material off of Pawndora? I can't see why any established band or artist would not pull their material or likeness. They don't need the $9.69 per Million plays! And they don't need the exposure! Why not Boycott?
R. F.


I think what is deceiving here is the 1,159,000 plays, That is more likely 1,159,000 impressions or total audience reach with Pandora. If a radio station had a quarter hour audience size of 1,000,000 listeners and played the song once it would be roughly 1,000,000 impressions not 1,000,000 plays, where with Pandora every listener hears different songs at different times. So it isn't an accurrate comparison with terresterial radio and Sirus. I'd also like to see what I-Heart radio paid him, they get a special rate since they are owned by Clear Channel which owns radio stations and gets a deal. I don't think Pandora has ever said they shouldn't pay royalties but companies like Sirius pay a MUCH lower rate. Gotta work something out because internet radio isn't going away and can be very beneficial to artists, especially newer artists that can put a monetary value on the exposure

Clyde Smith

Click on the pic and it will pop up in the size of the actual pic he provided.


Would you have sold a t-shirt WITHOUT the Pandora plays?


David, how to get in touch with you?

Justice Aaron

A million miles a million miles...


Are t-shirts the new music industry's savers then?


Most of the Sirius XM music stations actually have zero commercials. But definitely a subscription rate.


why has there been nothing on Hypebot regarding this new link, that shows more to the story? http://theunderstatement.com/post/53867665082/pandora-pays-far-more-than-16-dollars


‏@Rocco_TheStreet "You realize that when you spread that story around you're spreading bull shit right? You're ignoring the facts and any context."

Oh really?

LOL @ Lowery


Charles Alexander

Anyone interested in a coherent analysis of this topic should check out Jay Frank's post today on his blog at FutureHitDNA. You'll see how the original Lowery post is so misleading. Which is par for TriChordist.

Check it. http://bit.ly/14lJzzR

Linda Freeman

Yes, I think that band merchandise is going to become increasingly important to a musician/band's marketing efforts. When I go to concerts now, I'm always surprised by how little time the band spends promoting their merchandise, which could include hoodies, jewelry, jackets, hats, etc. They could even have a couple attractive friends model the clothes, and explain the importance of merchandise sales to their being able to make music.

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