Music Career Not Working? How To Start A Mumford & Sons Tribute Band [VIDEO]

image from splattermusic.comIs your career in music not taking of they way you'd thought it would?

 Following the long lineage of tribute or "clone" bands, why not start your own Mumford & Sons clone band on the side?  Here's a tongue in cheek look at "How To Start A Mumford Band". It would be even funnier if it wouldn't also work. WATCH:


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  1. This is hilarious. Witty on so many different levels. “You don’t need a drummer in a Mumford Band.” Love Key of Awesome! Weird Al Yanakovich was the first to do music commentary via pop music parody, and these guys have continued this fine tradition.

  2. That was fun!
    Especially since I’ve been around these kind of musicians since the 80s and there are so many young people playing this kind of music that there’s an endless supply.
    And there are even more interesting manifestations that I haven’t seen get any media attention yet.
    But the best part of watching that video, was thinking about the fact that we’re just at the beginning of this wave and all those haters are going to be cringing for the next 5 to 10 years!

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