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Yannick, the GeneralEclectic

Thanks Kyle for this discussion on an interesting topic. As a mixtaper, my experience is the people I give my mixes to today are a lot less receptive than they were about 10 years ago. My explanation is it's seemingly nothing special anymore to be given some music. In fact, due to so many people toying around with their iPods and now continuing to do that with their phones, the majority of people have been overexposed to music in an inflationary way and are their interest in new stuff to be given to them by other people is almost oversaturated. That is not the case with "music nerds" like me, though. But it's not a nice feeling when a friend would rather not get a mixtape just because.

This shall add to the discussion but since teen pop and radio promoted product seems to be at the heart of the article, is this topic even worth getting into for independent, self-releasing artists who are cherished so much by the "music nerds"?

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