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In a digital music world where everyone wants equal treatment and an equal chance to be heard the true reality is that there are way too many artists out there to create "sustainable figures" in the first place. Trouble is everyone seems to be too busy complaining about the numbers and the labels to realise that this is the real problem!

In a world of 2.5 billion people paying $10 a month, the calulations I've made suggest 1 million plays would only create something like $3000 of revenue. That's the pot of money both before tax and before it's decided who gets what percentage of the pot (including the streaming service).

Despite the fact this doesn't include any ad revenue, it doesn't take a genius to figure out we're still a very long way off from getting anywhere close to that as there are nowhere near 2.5 billion people paying $10 a month at the moment. Streaming cannot ever pay in a sustainable way unless the number of artists decreases. Dramatically.


Retarded. As a songwriter, my royalties are crap. Not even a cent per stream. More like .0008. As a composer and industry professional...I pay for my musicians. On average, using all friend discounts...A song will cost @ 1500 to produce. Do you know how long it takes to even recoup the money spent...while, not even making a profit...and Pandora and other streams take all the profit? I though iTunes was raping us.

Trevor Steel

I for one am thinking of leaving the Music Business. I've had a good run but it's becoming increasingly difficult making a living while the big corporates and now the online providers squeeze the last remaining drops out of us; the songwriters, producers and artists. We'll end up with just local bands doing music as a hobby and a lot of reality T.V. driven 'Stars' as the only thing left to listen to.


Stealing by institutionally sanctioned criminals.

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