TuneCore Founders Jeff Price & Peter Wells Launch Audiam To Help Artists Make $’s On YouTube

image from flipthemedia.comTuneCore co-founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells today launched Audium, an online service that helps D.I.Y. artists make money on YouTube. Many indie artists don't have time, skills or the YouTube plays to collect payments. Audium helps those artists make money. For labels, the startup provides a way to monetize fan cover versions.

Price and Wells each exited TuneCore more than a year ago. And to date, the popular flat fee digital distributor has not offered a justification for their sudden departures. Now the pair are back in business, creating a service to help artists collect their share of what they say is a huge pool of potential revenue.

According to Audium's founders, every month
on YouTube 25 billion videos are viewed containing music. Of those, half
generate an estimated $1.3 billion in advertising revenue that, to date, has
gone to high traffic artists and labels. Audiam provides
a system for those 12.5 billion views to generate ad revenue. 

image from s3.amazonaws.comThere is no
up front cost to use Audiam which charges a 25% administration fee. Artists sign up at Audiam.com and uploads their songs. Audiam finds videos on YouTube that use
those songs (artist's originals and covers), authorizes YouTube to place ads and distributes the revenue.  Audiam also supplies YouTube information, allowing it to
auto-generate buy links for the music in iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Google Play.
These buy links appear just below the YouTube video.

The beta version of Audiam is available today for
artists outside of the US. The
service will launch globally, early this

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  1. So they are trying to pitch a product that distributors already offer?
    Additionally, they have just got in contact with YouTube and obtains a Multi-Channel Network.. not rocket science and this is a terrible deal for artists just to use the YouTube Content ID system.
    Im sorry Jeff, but this product needs a huge amount of work and possible a new product all together is required.

  2. What should a disabled, but great song writer, that can’t play live, do to make money from his song? Everyone has acquired it for free, so, what is his motivation?
    Accolades, slaps on the back, words of praise … do not put food on his table!
    Songs of quality that move people are not cranked out like sausages.
    How do non-performing songsmiths make a buck?

  3. Sorry meant to post above post to “todays ” upward Spiral with Emily White Pod cast #25

  4. So they are starting a new company where they can make a quick buck off inbdie artist who don’t know better?

  5. Still not sure how they plan to get money with that service.
    Even by taking a 25% cut on the collected royalties.
    25% of nothing is still nothing.
    Only a few huge stars / big record labels make significant money on YouTube.

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