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Well maybe the US GOV might want to start standing up for USMADEMUSIC, There has not been one thing done by any agency or body of Gov to help those of us that continue to fight for an industry that America invented.

John Cate

Thank you Nelson. The fact that Krueger uses the music business as an economic "warning" in a speech is ironic in and of itself. I have been in this business for decades and the collapse came as a result of the same political malaise that's enabled Big Banks to screw us- the failure to enforce laws-- in our case, copyright laws-- and the enactment of protections or defeat of bills against those breaking the law, pur and simple. The modern music business was built on copyright and the government failed to protect copyright or its economic underpinnings. The music business wasn't "too big to fail" I guess.

Ron Fuller

Thank you Nelson and John.The very point I was getting at in my posts regarding the last Upward Spiral pod cast (#25).Because the copyright laws seem toothless, "If we can-We will".
Yes everyone's favorite champion for "we can-so we will!(steal)
The queen of the entitled generation, Ms. Emily White. "We can all Take intellectual property and we won't get sued.So it's right!"

You may notice that no one seemed to put up a good argument for stealing, though she did warn the film industry to get it together cause, people will just take it in countries where it's not released yet!
So various industries Get your distribution system together or we will just steal your works! Nice!
Ron Fuller http://youtu.be/2nLGtBwn5R0


Now having talked a number of people in our National Gov from the Import Export Bank, Start Up America and many members of Congress and most of them seem to think that US Music biz doesn't even exist. So that is the biggest issue IMHO to get straighten out. BTW for those that look at trade data the US is on track to become a net importer of music by 2015 unless we start to stem the tide and get USMADEMUSIC back as priority.


So, no one is addressing the elephant in the room: the monopolization of concert venues by enities that also control concert tickets and prices who also manage most of the artist they tend to book at said venues?

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