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When I was running Public Policy at Grooveshark a few years ago I advocated loudly that Open Music Platforms were akin to any open communication platform. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all contributed to political revolutions and considering that multiple major generational movements in the U.S. (to say nothing of those abroad) were inspired by and organized through music (think: hippies, flower children, no nukes, woodstock) I was aghast that some found the idea of an Open Music Platform, where any artist or dissident could distribute their ideas throughout the world without a gatekeeper, so hard to accept. In fact, the legacy music industry's persistence in segregating music from other forms of political communication have only served in devaluing it, not re-valuing it. Giving any organization de facto veto power over an OMP's existence is a disservice to liberty and to music as a form of communication. I write this with a momentary awareness that I'm sitting in a hotel Starbucks where they are playing Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up."

Michael P

It's great that they are bringing attention to some great songs of the past, but to have a meaningful impact, the music needs to address the issues happening now. Most of the abuses of humanity throughout the world occur because governments are controlled by money and no longer represent even the faintest interests of its citizens. This occurs in the US and in most governments throughout the world -- the only difference is that the influence is actually legal in the US (where it is done under the table in other countries). The song below brings attention to the fact that the only way to address these issues is to eliminate the control of money over government by making it illegal (in the US) and enforcing existing laws (outside the US):


Lyrics are in the YouTube description.

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