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Karen Allen

So is "A&R" just another way to say "sales people" for Pledge? Or do they do anything that A&R people do beyond signing a band, like help them find a producer, work out which songs to record, get the studio booked, create a buzz in the industry, hand-holding the marketing process, etc? A&R is usually way more than just finding cool bands.

Clyde Smith

As noted in the post:

Responsibilities include:

Scouting new talent and generating new leads on a worldwide basis

Maintaining front-line relationships with artists/managers/labels

Delivering the core concepts of PledgeMusic in face-to-face meetings

Coordinating with project management teams on campaign development

Differences can be noted but, like label A&R's, PledgeMusic is seeking more than talent scouts.

Benji Rogers

Indeed. Sometimes it does go that far as you stated Karen.
The key is that A&R people know that side of the business better than anyone and so can guide the projects from a place of experience!


Hello, Benji.
Yes, I think the future of music platforms is in adding value, be it by giving access to the whole univers of the bands/artists, and not only their last music project, or by helping for a real development of the artists getting the fans involved. And, last point, by building the platforms so that the fans can share their love for music and what the pledge means to them. This is the challenge: using the technological tools and the current weakness in the music industry to create a tool which is adapted to the new formats of the love for music.

I wondered if you were interested in having A&R people in France, where this kind of service is increasing too ?
Cheers from Paris!

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