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An that's why none of the streaming services have really caught on.. Yes of course Spotify and Pandora have developed huge user bases, but that's because streaming is definitely the future of music distribution.. But when the CEO of Spotify thinks that "machines and algorithms" are going to dictate what people listen to in the future I have to wonder how far they're going to to make it. We live in an on-demand world, and kids DEFINITELY don't want or need anyone telling them what to listen to. The same reason that MTV won't go back to playing videos..


As long as they find investor money, streaming services will probably keep growing quite far! But as they're fundamentally technology companies, it's not surprising they'd want to address their challenges with extra layers of algorithms. For many people, music and automation can't be an enduring love story, because you lose the music as a means of self-expression.
So past the wonder of near-infinite catalogs, you quickly switch back to looking for taste-makers, and that's where artists should think of jumping in, because there's an opportunity to bring a human touch back into the game!


Algorithm, statistics rely on patterns and averages, and ultimately that's not how i want to find new music.

And that's why I am building HIVEBEAT: to discover new music by selecting (my) taste makers and by seeing what they are listening the most (song/album/artist) over time. It's still very much in construction but functional.

I've recently added a way to discover "taste makers", i.e. a way to discover people who have been listening to certain artist/albums first… feel free to try it https://www.hivebeats.com.


Sounds neat! Tried to login to give it a try but wouldn't accept me...

The most important point, as I see it, though, is the ability of a music curation effort to tell a story. For the person sharing to explain why he shared what he did, and what it means to him/her. That however invariably means time has to be spent putting some serious thought into what you're going to write, how you're going to contextualise the music you want others to listen to.

And that can't possibly be automated... (a good thing, at that)


Yannick, the system should have let you in, probably a temporary problem (I don't see you in the DB at all). If you don't mind trying again I'd appreciate it. You can also reach me directly burcsahinoglu at gmail dot com.


Jack Dermody

Yes, this is an answer for the real world of collaboration ans sharing.

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