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I definitely agree with Michael's logic here. When I see a company use one of these crazy domains, like an mp3.com or a Songs.com, my first reaction is to assume it's a gimmick or a short cut.

One thing that I would also like to point out about a songs.com vs a skype.com, as far as domains go, is right now you can't make songs.com your brand. Back when the internet first began to take off, and domains were getting snatched up, you could make songs.com your brand, because it was new. It was uncharted territory. But in 2013, you can't just go buy songs.com and think you're going to convince people that songs.com is a new company and brand, because songs.com has absolutely no identity other than the past. A past that was obviously a failure, because as Michael stated, have you ever heard of songs.com? But creating a name like Skype works for a brand because there's no past. You started it, and you decide the future of that company is everyone's mind.

This is one of the reasons myspace is falling completely on their ass right now. Their brand sucks. No one trusts it.


A million dollars isn't allot of money these days. A large database of songs with basic monetization and superb SEO can get you in the black.


And mp3 isn't dead you know.. people stil ldearch for it, which is key for seo.



To Alternate1985 - your thinking along the lines of "songs.com surely should have been an awesome site for a decade+, and I have never heard of it, therefore it prob sucks" only applies to 0.01% of hardcore internet nerds.

For 99.99% of the world population the thinking about songs.com will be along the lines - cool, super easy to remember, I don't even need to bookmark it or write it down.


Interesting chart Jeffrey. What is most curious is the region. MP3 seems much more popular outside the US than inside the US.


It's not worth anything because of copyright laws and piracy. If you are dealing in mp3's for the most part you are dealing in piracy.


Around 20000 USD to 30000 USD is a good price to buy the domain name MP3.com. We do not recommend to buy this domain for more than 50000 USD as there are lot of other options for business.

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