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Good on you for posting your personal experience it takes some guts in this day in age. .....tips hat


The recent post by JayZ echoes what Patrick is saying the record business, except for sales at shows is almost dead. The bigger artists are making money, but mainly from shows or tours and sponsorships, see the Samsung Deal JayZ made.
I thnk that musicians who want to break out will be the phenom and no longer the norm.
Pandora, and Spotify are not viable option paywise for musicians, they have become mainly marketing avenues, we call streaming and thus they are almost a form of social media, because the pay is miniscule even with the tremendous plays that Patrick rec'd. Incredible post.


Patrick!Thanks for telling it like it is! Great post!


How much money and exposure do you get from terrestrial radio? How about YouTube?


2 million plays on pandora is not anywhere close to $100, it is closer to 3,000


Incredible post! I appreciate the balance and nuance given to this complex issue. One thing to keep in mind - while your margins are indeed slim, Pandora's margins have been non-existent. The company has operated at a loss since they started. Also - I don't believe Pandora should get an 85% reduction in rates (nor have they ever asked for that), but they shouldn't have to pay more than other forms of digital radio. Why should it matter whether a song is delivered via satellite, cable or internet? Or AM/FM broadcast for that matter?


Would be interesting to know how much you are making off of terrestrial radio and perhaps how much Pandora is required to pay your label and the music industry?


thanks for this detailed and thoughtful narrative. It wasn't easy back in the 70's and 80's during my heyday ..and it's way harder now. The digital miracle gave but took away too - at least back then we had a shot at making money & we actually got paid for working clubs!. Now the cash all flows to the dudes who man the Portals. Musicians need to create new ways to finance their art. (Co-ops?) Hope you succeed with your music!!


Hi Patrick...

Thanks for the rare moment of honesty in the Music Biz.

I think if you will read your own post objectively as if you were not the author you would realize that what you are saying is that it is time for you, and all of us like you to face the fact that we need to do something else with our lives. The dream of making a living creating music is now just that. A dream.

I quit and I am slowly disentangling myself from the misery. It is not easy because I can't even listen to music anymore. It is like a gambler or an alcoholic. I have to stay completely away from my addiction.

I wish you the all the best and I hope that there is a place for you and others like you left in the world. But I caution you to make a realistic assessment of that possibility before too any more years go by. Without insuracne you are one illness away from homeless...


Thank you for this incredible post.

I have said before and I'll say it again that the only way for artists to make it in this world is to have multiple streams of income. In fact, pretty much the only musicians I know who make their living at it are guys who own music studios that service other musicians. That's the reality.

People ask me all the time if I have been writing a lot of music. They always look absolutely shocked when I tell them I can only afford to go in the studio once a year or so as it costs about $1600 (and up!)to produce a song. (We hire top LA session singers and musicians plus pay $40 an hour for the studio.) I honestly think the average person has no idea whatsoever how expensive it is to produce broadcast quality tracks, so I liked when Patrick made a remark about how expensive it is to produce an album.

In light of how expensive music is to produce, it galls me to see how licensing revenues are being undermined by major networks who want blanket deals to license music with no upfront sync rights payments, for example.

As far as Pandora goes, I have no sympathy for them or any other streaming service for that matter that doesn't want to pay a fair share.

Greg Stinson

Keep th faith. I just heard your music on Sirius XM last week and purchased two of your albums over the weekend. Great stuff, keep playing. Thanks, Greg in Savannah

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