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RIAA Demands 5 Million Takedowns In Last 6 Weeks [CHART]

image from torrentfreak.comLast year the RIAA requested that Google romove from its index 20 million urls to infringers. But more recently the speed of RIAA takedowns has accelerated to 5 million takedowns in the last 6 weeks alone.  Efforts to block file-sharing sites such as The Pirate Bay and KickAssTorrents are the major driving force behind the increase. Dozens of proxy sites duplicate the links hundreds and hundreds of times. The chart:

via Torrentfreak

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  1. Now that RIAA counts worldwide YouTube views, they might as well try out counting illegal downloads to make their certifications more funnier.

  2. I haven’t had too much love for the RIAA, but I have absolutely no love for the pirate sites…NAIL THOSE PIRATE BUZZARDS TO THE WALL!!!

  3. Pirates will pirate regardless me thinks, perhaps the RIAA should adapt to change and focus more money and time spent on revolutionizing the industry instead of trying to control the entire internet.

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