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When you are spending $25Million on a record launch, your goal is not awareness. It is sales. Time will tell if this ego-filled, glamor project has been a success or not.

Caroline Vazquez

OK, the album goal is to sale records, and Samsung's goal was awareness. I will have to say both goals were met.


Samsungs goal was not awareness, their galaxy lines has the highest awareness in telecom, next to iPhone. That was jay~z goal. When spending $25m on a stunt, your goal is to raise perference and purchase of the brand. And even if awareness was a goal, it was a pitiful ROI.

And none of it was long term, interest, as you can see from the graph, disappated once the money did. I say it was a stunt with no follow through to maintain a longer term goal.


I meant to say jz's goal with the new album.


I'd argue that Jay-Z has seen great success on the sales side as well. His album sold over 500,000 copies in its first week and I believe it's over 700,000 now. It was one of his largest opening weeks of his career.

It's kind of funny how much negativity there is when an artist tries out a new approach. People are quick to point out the faults rather than highlight the successes.

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