The Echo Nest Expands Into Latin America With Bionc

image from labrosa.ee.columbia.eduThe Echo Nest continues its international expansion with a new bionc partnership, the first free and unlimited life-of-a-device streaming music service to
launch in Venezuela.  Boinc comes preinstalled on every Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini sold in Venezuela by Telefonica owned Movistar. 

Boinc's music app
relies on The Echo Nest for music discovery solution and contextual information speciifcally tailored to the local market.  One feature, instant playlists called “boinc lists,” are based on any
Boinc-logo-large(1)artist, track, or album on
the service, informed by The Echo Nest’s regional music

This partnership
follows The Echo Nest’s recent announcement of three music service customers in
Norway and The Netherlands (WiMP, Viamo, and Xite). The company says to expect additional global
partnership in the coming months.

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