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Mike King

Hey Clyde,

Thanks for posting this.

I wrote and will be teaching a couple of the courses that are part of this Berklee / SNHU Online MBA in music business.

I think you're right about the idea that the internet provides many options for music education for differing populations. We've been working on all sorts of options, from the free, low-touchpoint online courses we are doing with Coursera, the Berklee Shares lessons we launched years ago, the Bit Torrent bundle we launched a couple months back, on up to the 12-week online courses we do, and this new SNHU MBA partnership.

No doubt the promo videos have a different approach and feel, but I think that they (or ours, at least) might not be the best indicator of what the online classroom experience itself is like. What we have happening is super interactive, high touch, and totally up to date and forward thinking. We're bringing folks into the weekly online live chats that are absolute experts in their fields, like Benji Rogers, Rachael Yamagata, Kevin Breuner, etc, to talk about how they are running their businesses, new initiatives they are working on, and what is working for them. Steve Rennie has actually taught some online courses for us in the past, too.

Anyway - just a quick comment from me. I love the work you do, and my students find a ton of value in what you and Bruce are doing with Hypebot. Happy to answer any questions you or anyone else has on what we are up to: mking [at] berklee.edu


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