Google Integrates SoundCloud With Google+, Search

image from www.nuley.comimage from visualmaniac.comGoogle has added the ability to share any SoundCloud URL to Google+ circles via a widget that appears automatically within the post. And because Google search pulls social results from Google+ activity, SoundCloud music and sounds shared via the new Google+ integration will rank higher in search results.  

With the integration Google+ followers can can play sounds from SoundCloud within Google+ without opening open up a new tab. They just need to enable the widget when they post sounds so they can be shared. Google and Soundclud ate suggesting the use of the hashtags: #soundcloudplus and #summersound. 

Given Google's reach, this is potentially big news for artists and music marketers. Some artists including Pearl JamSnoop Lion and Armin Van Buuren are already using the integration to share their latest tracks. 

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