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Obstacle 3 - the name of this product sounds like Porno Music.


There's a solution that's already available. The well-respected pro audio company, Aphex, has an app called Audio Xciter that puts their legendary Xciter technology in the hands of consumers. This is the tech that every major studio on the planet uses and has used for many years. Unlike Neil, Aphex has been developing audio signal processing for 35 years and their tech has been used by every top artist, engineer and producer. This is the best signal processing tech available to pros and it does the same thing for iOS and Android devices at an insanely low price (99¢ one-time...no subscriptions, etc.). It ought to be $50-$100 for what does. It's not EQ, it doesn't color or change music. It's amazing because it restores missing harmonics in real-time. This is the secret! And the impact is astonishing. YOu'll hear voices and instruments that were buried in the mix. Finally a way to hear what these artists work so hard to produce! No idea why anyone would want to wait for vaporware. http://app.aphex.com


Competing against Apple may not be the most clever move.
Why not partnering with them, and offer some kind of better mastered formats as suggested here?
But wait, it already exists, it's called "mastered for iTunes"...another obstacle apparently.

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