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Spotify To Test Brand Marketer's Version Of Twitter "Follow" Feature

image from solutions.finetunes.netSpotify is ready to test a Twitter or Facebook like follow feature that marketers can use to share playlists and other branded content with its users. The new feature for brands is similar to the follow and share functions that Spotify rolled out to artists, labels and users earlier this year.

"We're talking with brands, but we're not live with brands," said Jeff Levick, Spotify's chief sales, marketing and international growth officer, told AdAge. it's all part of a broader effort to create new channels for brand marketers to reach an increasingly overloaded audience. 

"This has been the year to take in the inputs. 2014 will be the year to see what externally we can present as new products," said Mr. Levick, who was head of sales at AOL prior to joining Spotify in 2011. "Brands are looking for us to help them think of unique ways that they can play a role in that content discovery and that content sharing and that content engagement."