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Great post, Clyde! Thanks for the Launch and Release mentions too:)

This is the first time I've read "Campaigns run by a team typically raise 70% more money than campaigns run solo."

Last week a client of ours (Jay Stolar) reached $50k which we're all ecstatic about, especially him, and it was definitely a team effort that none of us could have pulled off on our own.

It made us realize (even more than we already knew) how much fundraising potential most artists leave on the table by "winging it" without studying, researching or involving other people.

Another HUGE myth is that music crowdfunding is the same as other types of crowdfunding (film, tech, design etc). Unlike the other categories, It's not about "the thing", it's about your purpose (and a pile of other things).

I've seen project after project get in trouble because they read The Crowdfunding Bible or they tried to follow Tim Ferriss' blog post "Hacking Kickstarter: How to raise $100,000 in 10 Days" or other tech or design focused "Kickstarter help" type posts.

WIth such limited info out there, it's easy for musicians to find resources like that and jump in with both feet, but it's the wrong direction and it'll seriously mess up your chances of raising your full potential.


Levi James


Enjoyed this post alot, thank you. But I enjoyed Levi James Reply even more :D


Crowdfunding is the future of music! Check out this video on Amanda Palmer's crowdfunding campaign from A Total Disruption. Really inspiring.


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