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Ryn Glaspell

Soundcloud seems like it has a minimalistic design, but it is actually really multi-faceted. From preexisting knowledge I knew a lot of people put up original mixes, remixes and covers on SoundCloud, but I was never really aware of its uses for promotion in the music industry.

Of the four ways that you highlighted, the Big Sean freestyle competition jumped out at me the most. Multiple things are accomplished by releasing 16 bars from his new single for a freestyle competition.

1) People get to hear a snippet of "Beware", which will inevitably increase anticipation of the release.

2) It is an inviting platform for amateur rappers, even if they aren't the biggest Big Sean fan. But by investing time and talent into his 16 bars, they're more than likely going to listen to the full single when it's released.

3) Those amateur rappers get recognition as well. It's almost like a "you help me, I'll help you" thing. By using his bars they're promoting Big Sean while promoting their own remix.

This article is informative and makes SoundCloud seem much more versatile, even to a passive listener, than it did before.

Ryan Glaspell

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