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According to Apple, iTunes Radio will have 25 Million song titles in its library versus Pandora's 900 Thousand; additionally, iTunes Radio will be native to IOS7 devices. Finally, an add-free Pandora subscription is $3.99 per month versus Apple's $2.99 per month with iTunes Match subscription. I have been a Pandora user since it has been available on my iPhone, but I plan to try out iTunes Radio immediately and will switch altogether if it only matches or is relatively close to matching my current experience with Pandora.


Correction, Apple's iTunes Match subscription is only $1.99 per month!


I've checked thoroughly through the files of Pandora iTunes and related streaming sites only to discover significant missing music. For example: songs such as 'Turn That Radio On' by Second nature, and Beautiful People' by Kenny O'dell are missing by all of the above. It's not like these music services can't obtain the music, rather they either can't or due to stubborn rules according to their own diluted standards, they won't. This is a problem that demands another online revolution! Meanwhile count me out of the mix.

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