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Music Video Tools: Easy Lyrics Videos, YouTube Cross-Promotions, Vimeo Sales Upgrade

Superstring-logoNew tools and features for making, promoting and selling videos are now available. Superstring is software that allows you to easily create a lyrics video. YouTube has introduced new ways to cross-promote channels. And Vimeo has introduced some very basic sales and marketing features to Vimeo On Demand.

Superstring: Quick & Easy Lyrics Videos

Superstring is software for the Mac or PC that allows you to create your own simple lyrics videos. Recommended by Musformation, Superstring allows you to:

Get started quickly in a few simple steps
• Select a song that you want to create a lyric video
• Automatically find lyrics from ID3 tags
• Align the timing of lyrics by dragging
• Customize styles, colors, and more

While there are clearly limits to what you can do with Superstring, it offers an easy way to get started with lyrics videos.

YouTube: New Cross-Promotion Features

Last week YouTube introduced some new ways to cross-promote videos and channels. Presented for those with multiple channels, the features should be useful for those working with more than one artist or for some collective cross-promotions with like-minded artists.

You can now do such things as "feature any playlist from another channel as a section on your own channel" or even feature other channels with multi-channel sections.

Vimeo On Demand: New Features

Vimeo On Demand, introduced this year at SXSW, is Vimeo's pay to stream or download service. Earlier this month they announced a group of new features:

Rent and Own Pricing Options: Creators can offer viewers the ability to rent (stream) or buy (download) content at separate prices.

Preorder Availability: All Vimeo On Demand sellers can build buzz and drive advanced sales by making content available for preorder.

Promo Code Generator: Filmmakers can create promo codes that enable viewers to access work at no cost; codes can be sent to press or other partners and used immediately in the improved Vimeo On Demand checkout.

Advanced Statistics: Sellers now get more information about their works, including trailer plays, paid video plays, and additional revenue details. In addition, Vimeo On Demand stats are now rolled into a PRO member's Advanced Stats, which makes them more accessible and easier to understand.

I was surprised to discover that previously creators could only offer videos at the same price for sale or rent. In addition to that much-needed change, preorders and promo codes will be very helpful for marketing and improved stats are always of use.


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