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Great words of caution! Any news of Amazon Cloud Player doing this?


That's not something I'd like to learn during a show. It makes the case for downloading all of your iTunes songs and then keeping your own off line copy!


Can I disable the cloud than?

Tom Allen - BrainScanMedia.com

I recently found out myself. They started deleting my purchases. When I went to the show pages on iTunes it said purchased but when I try to download my purchases I get a notice I did not buy them. I have receipts of purchases and can no longer download my content. When I contacted support they were no help, just givine me basic library steps, but I canon longer see my purchases on my iPhone, and other computers and they said I did not buy my purchases. I spent a ton of money with them since 2007 and now my stuff is no longer accessible. Convert all your music to MP3 and get away from Apple/iTunes they are crooks.


Is everybody ready for a People vs. Apple Disappearing Music Class Action Law Suit?

philip demarco

I've been waiting for this. Yes please.
Phil Demarco


And here-in the reason why CD's are still 57.3 percent of the music purchased in 2013.


I thought I was going crazy when music disappeared; now I keep track of purchases. Absolutely time for a class action suit. This is absurd!


Mother fuckers.... I hope more people start noticing this.

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