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Weird. Well, two of the patents are assigned to Replug, and they're for mechanical connectors, audio and otherwise, that rely on protruding edges, maybe also springs, to interlock. The other is assigned to Apple and is for a generic magnetic connector.

Patent trolls are generally thought of as companies that hold patents just to extort money. That doesn't seem to be the case here. These companies have real products based on these patents.

I agree that innovation is stifled by the fear that these patents would be used against the developer of a novel connector that combines these ideas. But to call that "trolling" is stretching the definition a bit.

Is anything stopping Apple and Replug from collaborating on a Pogo-like product? It has been 5+ years with no development on that front, so I have to wonder if all they need is someone like Patterson to come along and ask for a license to do it himself. Surely for a cut of the profits, or investment in the company, they would only stand to gain. And they could still, uh, pull the plug if it wasn't successful.

Why not seek comment from Replug and Apple for this article?

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