4 Million Songs On Spotify Have Never Been Played (STATS, INFOGRAPHIC]

image from static2.businessinsider.com(UPDATED) Spoitfy turned 5 this week, and to celebrate the released an inforgrpahic and some stats. Interestingly, subscriber (6 million) and active user (24 million) stats have not been updated since March. But they did dhare that there are now 1 billion playlists on Spotify; and of the 20 million tracks available, 20% or 4 million have never, ever been streamed. Brad Hill writing in RAIN offers Spotify an interesting suggestion:

"Create an “Untouched Tracks” playlist, which auto-updates with each new addition, and removes tracks the moment they are first streamed from the playlist. Award honor points to users who get first-streamer bragging rights, and an Adventurous Listener award every month to the user who has first-listened to the most music. Promote it adequately, and that 20 percent unstreamed statistic will shrink in no time."

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  1. It’s not their intention for people to listen to all of the music. Their intention is to be able to say that they have all of the music. Which they don’t, their ads are pretty misleading.

  2. Remember a big parts of those numbers are coverversions, karaoke-versions, dublicates from compilations and so on. Not necessary small indie artists…

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