Amazon Music Downloads Are Cheaper Than iTunes 78% Of The Time, But Apple Still Dominates - hypebot

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This got me thinking of Amie Street. They had a great business model, which I thought had promise.

Emily Anderson

People just get used to things. Apple is known for music so people will default to itunes even if there's a better option.

Warren Jones

I had used Amazon almost exclusively for years, but I recently switched to iTunes, and I told Amazon why: their service has become completely unacceptable. iTunes makes purchasing and downloading as easy and intuitive as Amazon USED to be. Now, it's a gawdful mess. I just don't have the time to run the gauntlet that Amazon has become , so it's iTunes from now on. I just hadn't realized that iTunes is more popular. I had always thought that Amazon was THE place to buy music. I guess that's because that was MY place. No more.

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