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Stefan Aronsen

Thanks for the write-up clyde!

Howie Cockrill

Here's a fun link: DCN.deliradio.com

Stream the upcoming lineup of your local venues & festivals...as RADIO stations with ticket links.


Love Music

Wait a minute.... they want musicians to license their music for free so they can become rich?

Nice try.

Wayne Skeen

The idea is that DeliRadio streams your music specifically in places where you're about to have a show.


Imagine Dragons wants folks in all these 50+ cities to hear their music and know about their upcoming show.

I think the fact that Imagine Dragons (and any band) can get that accomplished, for free, is pretty revolutionary. And all these clubs and festivals agree: http://deliradio.com/partners

Love Music

You say that major streaming services don't support musicians and then you want musicians to license their music to you for free.

How exactly does that support musicians?
Once you have a big enough catalog you'll turn around and sell it out. That's what the venture capital is in it for, no?

I'd rather have Spotify promote shows AND pay royalties.

David Minton

In our club, we encourage acts during the booking process to sign up, and find most already have or else do so immediately and gratefully.

The DeliRadio player for our club, found both on our website and by searching DeliRadio online for LOCAL music in our demographic area lives on a lot of our customer's desktops and phones. As a club we have the benefit an auto-curated station that exposes both known and unknown artists to folks who may become aware of them (and/or their upcoming engagement) in a way other than just combing our upcoming schedule. These are people who then come and PAY to see them!!! A $10 ticket band (or a specialty offshoot of a "big" act) isn't likely to get appreciable income from Spotify play, but they do have a considerable internal expense (money and or time) self-promoting themselves.

DeliRadio offers a worthwhile value proposition ... both for us as a venue and for our artists.

Love Music

Are you on their payroll?

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