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Overheard @ Future Of Music Summit Day 1 #FMC13

image from gohaymaker.comToday we'll be streaming day #2 of The Future Of Music Summit live from DC starting around 9AM ET today. Here are some highights from day #1:

  • Peter Jenner, artist manager: "Artists have to aggregate, work together to get paid. It might involve unions, collection action." (via @gregkot)
  • Jim Griffin: "Cannot have global music market without globally unique identifiers and enumeration" (via @future_of_music)


  •  Average touring indie artist loses money on touring. [Defnitely true for all but 1-person acts] (via @FairMusicDC0
  • [The] answer isn't to dismantle system of streaming, but to ensure artists are paid fairly. (via @sundbetter)
  • #FMC13 panelists about copyright royalty rates seem to agree that Pandora pays too much. What happened to the "Pandora is evil" thesis? (via @robpegoraro)
  • "It's never been better to be a creator… except for the whole making-a-living business. (via @shadesofsolveig)
  • "Copyright is about empowerment. Might be the only asset the author has in an economic conversation." (via @_aka_hige)
  • @emwizzle says, "What's exciting about [streaming] is that it's legal." (via @esatts)


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