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David Peters

I have been having some success with for getting a good disco rank.

Just liking, reposting, commenting, creating playlists, following on a regular basis. Nothing crazy, but it seems it is better to do a little bit every few days, than just blast it all once a month


Sounds like a creative way for EDM artist and DJs to promote their music. The scene it getting really crowded nowadays.

Similar David, I've had success getting some of my music ranked higher. I used a few different marketing providers I found on Very useful for new artists, and it works.


there are many service provider those can make your plays viral within short time. and you also can promote your audio streem using your social network facebook or twitter with your followers.


This article rocks, really! Upload music on SoundCloud it's the best way to get known in the Vip world (Dj's, Clubs) Poromotion on SoundCloud

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