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berklee has a lot of notable "alumni," but many are like john mayer, who went there for 1 semester and flunked most of his classes.


true. but any less true for the other music schools listed?

Daisy Wendy

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America's 10 best? What about #10? Or is London now part of the USA?


Nice list - even though I'm happy about #1, everything obviously is quite dependent on what you want to study and get out of the school. Some excel at classical, while others jazz, engineering etc...


Must be based exclusively on alumni that the Hollywood Reporter thinks are significant.

That would explain why Indiana University, Northwestern University and University of Michigan are left out. Populating America's premier orchestras or opera halls is not considered noteworthy by the Hollywood Reporter. And if jazz artists aren't noteworthy, then that would explain why the University of Miami, North Texas State and (again) Indiana University are excluded.


Hahaha berklee above julliard? What a joke


You spotted that also. This is just someone coming up with a list and not even close to the reality of the last decade of known and proven top programs.

Matthew Boudreau

Really? One of America's best is in London?

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