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Justice Aaron

Very exciting news for those of us who need it and qualify for subsidies. I`ll be signing my family up in January. Although AHA is only really helpful to those who make less than $70k. I say that based on comparing the rates for Kaiser from the AHA site and from the Kaiser homepage.

The Mind Relaxer

Obamacare for musicians is another great move.. hope to hear more.


My plan just went from 187/mo to 470/mo..

In this plan I have to pay for maternity leave (no kids, male) and a childrens dental plan (again, no kids).

How does Obama explain this?

Complete disaster..

Clyde Smith

Maybe you should talk to a professional.

Jason Brightwell

Bear in mind, most doctors are hesitant to accept new Medicaid patients.

John McAuley

Adjunct music faculty hours were capped by the State of Texas to avoid the employer mandate. It's not just higher education in Texas, music faculty from primary grades up nationwide are going to feel the pinch, not to mention their students.


Clyde Smith

The thing is, until America truly commits to health care for all its citizens, we're going to continue to see employers squirm they're way out of responsibility for their employees and more schemes to benefit big business, as this one does the insurance companies.

It's kind of like the bank bailout the Bush administration came up with which was followed through by Obama.

Banks were too big to fail. Now they're richer and bigger.

At the end of the day, we all blame one politician or another but it's our fault that we haven't done anything but turn on each other, often with opinions that have no basis in reality.

Clyde Smith

On a related note, universities have been balancing their teaching budgets off the backs of adjuncts for decades now.

Adjuncts are weak and nobody cares about them.

In fact, most students and parents want real full-time faculty rather than part-timers driving around from college to college trying to make ends meet.

So, tell me, John. What have you done to help adjuncts besides posting stuff online?

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