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Agree so much that I started a blog called http://MusicCapitalist.com however what is also needed if for local gov, banks and investors to understand the market potential for USMADEMUSIC.

BTW look for @LabelBookCamp in 2014

Chris Seth Jackson

Darker Music Talks around the world? Ambitious!

For musicians that say "I only do it for the art. Screw that business stuff.", I'm pretty sure they aren't a full time musician.

Why? Because a full time musician needs to pay the bills.

This isn't to say you can't perform your art and passion, but you need to know the business side of how things are done.

If you want to be playing music the rest of your life, you need to treat your band like a business. Even more so, you need to treat YOU like a business.

There's a huge middle class of musicians, making original music and making a living doing so, arising across the world. Unfortunately, they don't get much attention from major media outlets.

Though these musicians are under the radar, they are living their dream. They are treating their music like a business.

Cheers, Tommmy. I look forward to hearing more about the Musicpreneur!

- Seth

Tommy Darker

I agree with your point that investors have to understand the potential. But this thing is not going to happen through pitches; only through real life successes of musicpreneurs. Investors need proof of concept. Thinking like a startup is the key.

Tommy Darker

Thanks man. Exciting things to come, that's for sure. I already have a specific framework in mind about how the Musicpreuneur can go lean and create a startup around their art. More on that soon.

Bruce Houghton

Thanks Tommy. We look forward to hearing more.

Walt Kruhoeffer

Couldn't agree more with everything that you said. A band is a business. However, most musicians don't realize it.

Erik P

I agree with a lot of what you're saying here, Tommy. One of my favorite quotes, which I believe fits well here is by Butch Walker. I'm taking it a bit out of context, but it's this one line I thought was so important for modern day artists... "[it's] not about the commerce of art, [it's] the art of commerce."

One of my favorite Musicpreuneurs is Moldover, & his controllerism movement. If you're unfamiliar w/ him you should look him up. I think he's right up your alley with this.

Good stuff!

Tommy Darker

Agreed Walt, I noticed that as well. But why do you think this happens consistently?

Tommy Darker

Cheers Erik.

I will look up what you mention, the issue is definitely very nuanced, as nuanced as the system we live in, so there's still long way to go!

Thanks for the support.

PS. I shared your blog with a vinyl-lover musician who is about to fund this vinyl-rewards-only IndieGoGo campaign http://igg.me/at/theronation/x/5234650. He'll love it. Keep up the good work!

Erik P

Thanks, Tommy!

Jeff (ioumusic)

It happens consistently because this business sense doesn't necessarily come naturally to artists, nor do these artists usually surround themselves with people/resources that introduce new business ideas to them.

María Gabriela

Great piece. You are proposing a great recipe to success in the music business (because I think there is no unique formula) with important ingredients: networking, an open and creative mind, entrepreneurship and transcendence through education. I think the result is gonna be fantastic! :)

Tommy Darker

As I say, an idea will not work itself out. Individuals will make it work! Let's see who's brave (or stupid!) enough to follow.

Tommy Darker

Brilliant, I agree with both comments Jeff. The latter is important. Constant exposure to business ideas and education is the key. Then business and marketing won't sound so daunting anymore.

Diana Christine Hereld

Great work, as per usual Tommy!

Tommy Darker

Thanks Diana! Yet long way to go and much to be discovered.


First and foremost, solid article Tommy!

Diving in, I want to reiterate & wholeheartedly confirm that the safeguard & development of innovation & all relevant paths leading to it is what it's all about. At least, to me.

I'm a young electronic music producer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To be frank, it is one of the poorest and uneducated country(musically speaking of course) on Earth with the flip side being that it's also a country that is full of so much musical potentials. The environment I'm in is quite open for change. I see lots of talented youths coming up alas there are no sustainable set of infrastructures that enable and encourage them to pursue their work.

I sense that what you have going on right now is exactly what needs to cut through the global music industry be it in developed or developing countries/cultures.

I remember in my business of music class in my junior year in college, the professor always said "the modern musician/band needs to be able to put on different hats to get a handle on his career". I'm sure you guys would have the most interesting conversations!

Again keep up this grand work. Who knows how many lives you are going to change for brilliance.

Tommy Darker

It's encouraging to have such comments in this space. In my head, there is a need for change in the air. Glad to see clues that this might be true for some people.


It's like community outreach for musicians living in the dark ages. "Darker brings the light." I LOVE it!!!


It takes a lot of heart and soul to become a musician and that too as a startup, but if you got it in you, the world is your arena !

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